Management: A Practical Guide is packed full of straightforward, realistic advice that can bring immediate results and show you how to be a good or better manager.

This practical guide to management uses expert insights, real-life case studies and straightforward but powerful techniques that will help you to improve your management capability. It’s full of practical exercises and activities so you can become a better manager straight away.

This management book will help both aspiring and experienced managers to best:

How To Be A Good Manager BookUNDERSTAND YOUR BEHAVIOUR – and how to act to get the best out of others

How To Be A Good Manager BookEMPOWER YOUR EMPLOYEES – and focus on your real duties

How To Be A Good Manager BookMANAGE POOR PERFORMERS – and create an effective team

How To Be A Good Manager BookMOTIVATE YOUR TEAM – to want to go the extra mile

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Introduction to this management book

A decade of experience in designing, delivering and evaluating management training has led us to realize that what is taught in a classroom, or covered in a typical management textbook, can sound great in theory but doesn’t always translate to the real world.

For example, many managers will have been taught about the importance of setting SMART objectives (ones that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) to focus employees on the things that matter. Yet how much use are perfectly-worded objectives if employees don’t actually look at them until the night before their annual appraisal, at which point they have to conjure up as much evidence as possible to show that they really have been focused on them all year?

Management: A Practical Guide is therefore grounded in reality, covering not only how to perform management activities appropriately but, crucially, how to make them work in the real world. It shares very practical (and easily applied) solutions to issues that managers and their employees face on a day-to-day basis.

In preparing this practical guide to management we’ve interviewed many managers and employees, seeking to answer the following questions:

How can managers make a really positive difference to members of their team? This book is packed with examples of good practice that you can easily replicate within your own team, to ensure that everyone thrives.

What have managers done in real life that absolutely crushed their team or individuals within it? During the research for this book we have been genuinely shocked at how easy it was to gather a wealth of horror stories, showing just how common management bad practice is. This book contains numerous real-life examples, and will give you very blunt (and hopefully helpful) feedback on what not to do as a manager.

What do managers find really hard about their role and what would they like to be able to do better? Being a manager isn’t easy. It can be very tough to tell a member of your team that they aren’t performing up to the required standard, or to manage the expectations of someone who is desperate to be promoted when there’s simply no opportunity to do so at the time. This practical guide will support you to overcome these challenges and many others, exposing the difficult aspects of management and, crucially, how to deal with them competently.

In addition to interviewing managers and employees, we’ve also surveyed them. This forms the basis of Chapter A: ‘Assessment’ and gives you the opportunity to measure and calibrate your own management capability. Since each question in the survey relates to an individual chapter in the book, you can use your survey results to prioritize which chapters to read first in order to identify areas for growth. You can then repeat the survey, say in three months’ time, and use it as a way to measure your progress.

Who will benefit from this management book?

Management: A Practical Guide is designed to benefit three key groups of people the most:

1. Newly appointed managers – People are frequently promoted to a managerial position because they are technically good at their job, yet being a manager requires an entirely different skill-set. If you want a succinct and easy-to-apply guide to developing that skill- set, this is the book you need to read!

2. Experienced managers – When you’re a newly appointed manager, you may be very conscious about how you interact with and manage your team. However, over time, you can pick up bad habits, and things that you might once have made a real effort to do right are now done on autopilot. This book will make you consciously aware of what you’re doing, and challenging you to double-check that you aren’t displaying any major or minor faults.

3. Aspiring managers – If you have aspirations to become a manager, this book is a great starting point. You’ll find that the vast majority of exercises are designed so that both managers and non-managers can complete them – and we wish you the best of luck with getting that promotion!

We hope you enjoy reading our book and we wish you the very best for your management journey.

Your success stories

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than hearing how readers of the management book are benefiting and becoming even better managers. We invite you to submit your success stories, whether large or small, so that we can hear how our readers are improving their management skills. You can reach us through the Contact The Authors page.

Free bonus management book material

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The authors

Alison Price is a Chartered Psychologist and Occupational Psychologist in London who has worked with over 1,500 individuals, inspiring them to make more out of their lives and their careers. She was a semi-finalist in ‘Britain’s Next Top Coach’. Alison works with employees and leaders of prestigious organizations, supporting the achievement of peak performance at work and is a specialist in training design for leadership skills development and management skills development. She also lectures on a master’s-level course in Business Psychology at a London university. Alison combines her experience as a motivational speaker, facilitator and Peak Performance Coach with her expertise as a psychologist, to create powerful and lasting results. Alison is also a TV psychologist and provides advice to media and TV production companies on the application of psychology within their programmes.

Alison is qualified in a range of personality tests, including Hogan MVPIHogan Development SurveyHogan Personality Inventory16PF and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, to help individuals, managers and their teams make breakthroughs in their development. Alison is also authorised by the British Psychological Society (BPS) to offer a BPS Level A and B training course for people who want to qualify in delivering psychometrics.

David Price has led award-winning teams, has qualifications in management and coaching, and is a Member of the Chartered Management Institute. He has spent over 10 years studying personal effectiveness, models of personal achievement and success. David combines qualifications in Life Coaching, Sports Psychology, Positive Psychology, Peak Performance Coaching and as an NLP Practitioner for integrated effectiveness solutions. David has applied this knowledge in the commercial industry by mentoring and coaching employees within some of the leading financial services firms.